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Christian Owned and Operated

We are a Christian owned and operated paintball field and we strive to present our operations the way God would approve of.  We welcome all faiths and love to have church groups of any denomination.  We also welcome birthday parties, family outings & reunions, team building, etc.

In Business Since 1999 And Still Going Strong

Lowell Paintball started in 1999 while playing in the Camp Blood Haunted House set.  After a couple years, we added a speedball field for some quick play.  In 2005 we added our current wooded field which consists of about 2 1/2 acres of play area, complete with a fort, tower, bunkers, buildings, etc.


We treat you like family.  We know that it's because of our customers that we are able to put food on OUR table, so we value each and every one of them.  We give a down home personalized approach to our customers to make them feel right at home.

CALL US: (770) 854-2824 or (404) 291-6190

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