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As of March 5, 2022 we offer airsoft the first Saturday of each month.  Our rental equipment will be on a first come, first served basis, so book quickly.  We want to thank everyone who has been a part of our family of paintball players over the years for helping us to be able to offer this new and exciting way to enjoy the day with us.  

                                                 Check out our YouTube channel for past and future game play.

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Our referees are like waiters.  They work for tips!  They are on the field to make sure that you have a great time and are safe while you play.  Please show them how much you appreciate them at the end of your session.  


Deposits Only!

Click here if you need to pay a deposit to reserve your play date and time for RENTAL EQUIPMENT ONLY.  Deposits are $10 per person and non-refundable. Call before purchase!

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Field Fees Only!

Click here if you have your own gear and only need to pay your field fees.  Field fees are $20 per person.

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Complete Player Package

Click here if you need rental equipment including gun, full face protective goggles, field fees and 2 full clips of ammo.  Complete packages are $35 per person. Call before purchase!

Safety First

1) Wear your mask at ALL times when on the playing field.
2) No magazines in your weapon until at your spawn point.
3) Barrel sleeves REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES when not on the playing field.

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Basic Rules

1) When in the customer area and not on the playing field:

A) DO NOT have your magazine in your weapon.
B) DO HAVE a barrel sleeve on your weapon.
C) DO NOT FIRE your weapon while in the customer area.
D) NO HORSEPLAY.  We don't want anyone getting hurt.

2) DO NOT point your weapon at anyone except when on field and in play.
3) Keep your area clean and throw away any trash in the cans provided.
4) Follow all instructions by the referee's on and off the playing field.
5) Use the honor system: Call your hits: Cheating will NOT be tolerated.
6) If you see someone cheating, do not argue in-game. Call them out to a referee.
7) Do not alter any obstacles on the field.
8) When hit, call it out loud and walk back to the respawn area with your arms up high.
9) When exiting the field, remove magazine, clear weapon and put barrel sleeve on.
10) DO NOT argue with other players.  See a referee if you have a concern.
12) Do not continue to shoot after being hit.
13) No foul language.
14) DO NOT point lasers above the neck.
15) If 2 players are hit at the same time, both are considered dead. (referee's discretion)
16) Closed toed shoes only allowed.
17) Friendly fire counts!
18) If a player is purposely shooting their own teammate, suspension is possible.
19) NO BLIND FIRING!  Always look at what you are shooting at!
All weapons must display the orange muzzle tip as required by federal law.
21) Referee's have the final say!

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Rules of Engagement

1) A direct hit on any part of the players body is considered a "kill" or elimination.  This includes hits on the players clothing, headgear and equipment attached to his/her body that would be in the direct path or trajectory of the BB to the target's body.  The only exception will be hits on the players gun.
Ricochets will not be considered direct hits, intentional or otherwise.  Penetrating shots are those passing through grass, bush, leaves or thin material used for cover.  They are not considered ricochets even if their trajectories may be somewhat deflected.  Instead, they are to be considered as "direct hits" if they make contact with the target on the other side.
A hit from a players own teammate or "Friendly fire" counts as an elimination.
4) Hit players are to confirm their elimination by shouting "hit" and holding their weapon up. 
They must then proceed either to the respawn point or leave the field.  Any player resuming play or firing a weapon at an opponent while "faking" elimination will be considered cheating and removed from the game.
No holding or grappling!  Players are NOT PERMITTED to hold or wrestle with another player.  Physical contact is not permitted.  EXCEPTION: light taps on the opponents body, gun and/or equipment.  Such action will be considered as a silent elimination.  Excessive shooting of another player is not allowed, this is to include accidental or purposefully shooting a referee.  If a player is caught shooting a referee, they my be ejected from the park.
Start and end of play will be indicated only by the game officials.  Once end of play has been sounded, all players must immediately remove any magazines from their weapons, point the muzzles in a safe direction, clear the weapon and put it in safe mode.
7) Real knives are NOT PERMITTED in the game area.  DO NOT bring them to the field!  Plastic and other rubber training knives are allowed during games.  A knife "kill" is defined as making contact with an unsuspecting opponent using a training knife.
DEAD MEN DON'T TALK.  Eliminated players must refrain from giving hints, clues or instructions to other players still active in the game!
NO TIME OUTS!  Once a game is in play, no call for "time-out" will be entertained except in cases of extreme emergency.  If a player cannot continue play, they must hold their weapon above their head and exit the playing field.  A player may return to the field once they remedy the reason they left and respawn at their designated point.
Referee's decision's are FINAL.  Right or wrong, a referees call is final.  His responsibility is to oversee the general conduct and safety of the game, player adherence to the rules and a smooth flow of the game action, unhampered by time wasting arguments.  Officially assigned referees are wearing "Safety Yellow" vests.  Anyone else making field calls without the proper markings will be considered a casual observer.  Observer calls may be given due consideration at the discretion of the referee(s) present.  Any discrepancy with at referees call is to be handled at the end of the game.
Observe proper conduct at all times!  Show respect for all other players, referees and other officials.  Foul language is HIGHLY discouraged and will not be tolerated.  Repeated offences may lead to elimination from the current scenario or ejection from the park. 
Observe boundaries. Players found outside the field of play or in an area outside the safety parameters may be eliminated from game play.
13) Barrier and building use. Players may only use on field barriers and buildings.  Climbing on top of or through structures poses a safety risk and is prohibited.
14) Players may NOT enter unauthorized buildings or structures unless otherwise instructed to do so by staff.
15) When inside of a bunker or structure, semi-auto is required in order to ensure the safety of the player.  When confronting a player closer than 20ft. the "Bang-Bang" rule is in effect.  In other words, do not shoot a player closer than 20ft. rather say the words "Bang-Bang" and the opposing player is considered elliminated.
16) Use of communication equipment is allowed.  Radio/electronic communication equipment is allowed during game play.  Only active players in a game will be allowed to communicate with each other.  Anyone found to be relaying strategic and tactical information to players inside the field will be considered to be a combatant and may be shot or eliminated.  Observer "spies" will NOT be tolerated.
17) The use of lasers and strobe lights is only permitted to be shining on the players body, not the face.  We WILL protect our players eyes!  1st offense will be a formal warning, 2nd offense will be suspension from the game and the 3rd offense will be ejection from the park.

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Chrono Info

Magazine and ammunitions check MUST be done at chrono!  NO METAL BB's!
Max Joule limit is 2.5 w/.2g
Pistols/Shotguns = 1.3j
Sub-Machine guns must be under 1.5j
Assault Rifles - 1.7j
Battle Rifles/DMR - 1.9j
Sniper Rifles - 2j, Bolt - 2.5j
Light Machine Guns/MMG's - 1.8j

Rate of Fire - No weapon may shoot over 25 rounds per second
HPA and Gas rifles must be chronographed with .40 gram BB's to account for joule creep and remain under the joule limit.  HPA guns are subject to having Tournament Locks applied to their regulators. 
Binary triggers are not permitted!

CALL US: (770) 854-2824 or (404) 291-6190

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