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Please Read BEFORE Making Your Purchase

We have 2 different packages to choose from and both packages include EVERYTHING you need to play including, field fees, rental marker, CO2 and full face protective goggles.  The only thing it does not cover is paintballs & tips for the referees!  Package prices are per person.

$25 PACKAGE gets you 200 paintballs and 1 - 1 1/2 hours of play with time on and off the field.
$35 PACKAGE gets you 500 paintballs and about 3 hours of play with time on and off the field.
Play time is depending on how fast a person shoots their paintballs.
Additional paintballs available to purchase:
$10 for 200 paintballs
$20 for 500 paintballs
$10 for protective vest rental

Be sure and wear loose fitting clothing you don't mind getting dirty.  Also please wear closed toed shoes.  NO FLIP-FLOPS or SANDALS  We play in the woods so try and blend in by not wearing WHITE! 
The paint washes out but the fun never does!

Please call us before making your purchase to ensure that we will have adequate equipment available for your groups outing!  (770) 854-2824 or (404) 291-6190

All purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE!  We DO NOT ACCEPT ANY FORM of credit cards at the park including Cash App to pay the balance of your outing.  We are CASH ONLY at the park.

Deposits & package purchases reserve the play date and time slot of your choosing.

On your scheduled day of play, if there is un-foreseen inclimate weather, you will be given an alternative play date. 

Be sure you call before making any purchase to assure the time and date you want is available. 

We are a small field and we book fast, so the sooner you get your reservation in the better chance you have of your choice of play time and date.

Summer Hours - Saturday's 11am til 7pm
Winter Hours - Saturday's 11am til 6pm
Closed September & October when the Camp Blood Haunted Attraction is in operation and we
re-open the Saturday after Thanksgiving in November.

We are open Saturday's for
open play which means you will probably be playing with other people, which is GREAT because the more people you have to play with, the more fun it is.  There is NO MINIMUM to the amount of people you can come out with on a Saturday.

We are open Monday thru Friday for PRIVATE PARTIES ONLY.  There is a $350 minimum for a private party during the week, but this is the best option for your group if you only want you and your friends/family to be playing together. 

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If you make a deposit for a paintball package and on the day of play you have players that don't show up, you lose the deposit you made for those players.

If you don't show up on the day of play during your time slot, then you forfeit your deposit.

$10 per player

If you purchase a package and on the day of play you have players that don't show up, you get the paintballs for the players that did not show to disperse as you see fit.

If you are unable to play the day you have booked we will reschedule you for another play date.

$25-$35 per player

Our referees are like waiters, they work for tips.  They are out on the field to make sure that you have a great time and that you are safe while you are here playing with us.

Please let them know how much you appreciate them at the end of your secession.

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CALL US: (770) 854-2824 or (404) 291-6190

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